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When We Can’t See What’s Coming-Positive Thoughts on Waiting

January 21, 2016

It never fails.

I’m in the turn lane. A clear view of oncoming traffic. I’m calculating in my mind where the break is. The turning point. Then, as if a wrench falls from the sky, another car pulls into the opposite turn lane.

Now I can’t see. I know you can relate.

So I wait. Because if I don’t, I’m taking a chance. And my decision affects others too, doesn’t it?

Today I passed by two cars waiting in opposite turn lanes. In my rear-view mirror, I could see at least one of them had a clear path. But they couldn’t see it.  And I couldn’t tell them. They had to find it out for themselves.

When they could see clearly again.

We may not be able to see what our future holds. But God always has the clear view. Because He is the clear view. He helps us see clearly when we are ready.

He knows all of our turning points. 

So we can trust when He says go, and trust when He says stay put.

We may have to wait to see clearly, but the right move never feels cloudy.  tweet

Great plans take time. And they are worth the wait. Let’s not move forward before we have clear site of our direction.

Until then, we spend time in the waiting room.

Here are some positive thoughts on waiting:

  • Waiting provides more time to pray, seek, and reflect. It’s not buying time, it’s spending it.
  • Waiting could be the difference between settling for good and experiencing great
  • Waiting doesn’t mean time stands still, it means be still until the right time
  • Waiting doesn’t last forever even thought it feels that way

The Holy Spirit gives guidance and direction. And when we pray for wisdom, guess what? We get it.

There comes a time when the wait is over. Aren’t you glad? And we need that wisdom to discern between waiting and procrastinating. When God says move, it’s time to move.

Our turning point.

Are you currently in a time of waiting?