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Following A Pattern?

Do you sew? I would love to say that I do, but truth be told, I’ve only made one outfit . Ever. My first experience with patterns and fabric was in a 4-H sewing club. We called ourselves The Darkroom Darners. Interesting name, isn’t it? I don’t believe darners do their best work in the dark, but when… Read More Following A Pattern?

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Worry-Free, Are You Ready?

“I don’t care anymore, do what you want. I’m done worrying about it. I’m done.” She clicked the disconnect button on the cell, missing those old phones you could slam down hard on the cradle. Somehow a finger tap wasn’t enough. Raw emotions rang the bell atop her internal ‘test your strength’ limit. It wasn’t… Read More Worry-Free, Are You Ready?

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4 Ways: Fight Discouragement

Have you felt discouraged lately? Hanging on like an Autumn leaf, fearing the slightest breeze could send you plummeting? Guess what? You’re not alone. This word discouraged. Seems it’s been a common thread running through conversations over the last several days. I’ve been there too. We get tired; we grow weary; we have thoughts of… Read More 4 Ways: Fight Discouragement

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What Are We Hiding? It’s Time to Seek

  What was your favorite childhood game? Hide and Seek tops my list. Talk about adrenaline rush; hiders frantically  scattering as the seeker shouts   “one, two, three,… ten; ready or not, here I come!” Stifling nervous giggles with hand over mouth, I’d slip behind a tree, or scurry inside and nestle tight between winter… Read More What Are We Hiding? It’s Time to Seek

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What Can Trials Do?

I was told it wasn’t personal, yet I felt betrayed. A half-my-life-long career began slipping away. I struggled to hold on, digging my manicured nails into it as my feet dangled in the air. Daily stresses stomping on my fingers, I held my breath in fear of the plummet. How could this be happening to… Read More What Can Trials Do?

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Could You Be A Certain Woman?

  I am filled with exuberance at the mention of  “a certain woman” in Judges who rocked the world of her people, literally. Who was she? When I get home one day, I hope to meet her, but for now I don’t even know her name. Here’s the passage: “Then Abimelech went to Thebez, and he… Read More Could You Be A Certain Woman?

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Storm Tracker to Strong Tower

Living in Florida, we have five seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall, and hurricane.  June 1 officially ushers in the 2014 hurricane season. Here we go again, from now through November all eyes will be watching the Atlantic for developing storms. Each storm is named, oddly enough, as if it were a child forming in the… Read More Storm Tracker to Strong Tower