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When We Feel We’re Barely Holding On…

  Ever have that dream where you’re standing on the edge of a cliff? I have to admit, I have a fear of heights. It amazes me how window washers trust that flimsy platform ten stories up. And how can crews building skyscrapers walk across beams like gymnasts? Freaks me out. You know that screamer… Read More When We Feel We’re Barely Holding On…

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How Productive is our Waiting?

Seems the world is all about hurry up and wait. We wait in traffic, at doctors’ offices, in check-out lines. Is there such a thing as productive and unproductive waiting? We’ve all heard the saying “it doesn’t happen overnight,” the it being whatever we’re hoping to achieve. Yet, even overnight seems an eternity in this… Read More How Productive is our Waiting?

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4 Ways: Fight Discouragement

Have you felt discouraged lately? Hanging on like an Autumn leaf, fearing the slightest breeze could send you plummeting? Guess what? You’re not alone. This word discouraged. Seems it’s been a common thread running through conversations over the last several days. I’ve been there too. We get tired; we grow weary; we have thoughts of… Read More 4 Ways: Fight Discouragement

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Peace Beyond a Biscuit

What thoughts deluge your mind in the quiet of night and stillness of morning? For years, my daily routine brought stress and anxiety. I’d stay up late, hoping exhaustion would override the to-do, didn’t-do, should’ve done lists waiting to flood my thoughts as my head hit the pillow. Upon waking, another rush. It wasn’t necessarily… Read More Peace Beyond a Biscuit

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What Mountain Has Your Faith Moved?

What do you think of when you hear the word “mountains”? A massive elevation, the appearance of which seems to kiss the sky; solid rock; ranges across the horizon? Who or what could move them? I love mountains. Brian and I honeymooned in Helen, GA.  We’ve also enjoyed traveling on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Those… Read More What Mountain Has Your Faith Moved?

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What Can Trials Do?

I was told it wasn’t personal, yet I felt betrayed. A half-my-life-long career began slipping away. I struggled to hold on, digging my manicured nails into it as my feet dangled in the air. Daily stresses stomping on my fingers, I held my breath in fear of the plummet. How could this be happening to… Read More What Can Trials Do?

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Are We Bandaging our Bondage?

While reading through my Facebook news feed, I saw that a friend had posted a scripture verse from Romans.  After posting it, she caught an error.  Instead of using the word “bondage,” the word “bandage” was used.   How strikingly similar these two words are in form, while strikingly different in meaning. A bandage is used… Read More Are We Bandaging our Bondage?