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Birds of a Feather

November 17, 2011

On the way to school, my grandson Jaden, and I observe adorable wrens sitting on the traffic lights.  I don’t even mind getting the red light, so we can look for our little friends. Often times there are three sitting together. I;ve affectionately named them Faith, Grace, and Henry.

Thinking this would make a cute children’s story, I’ve written a book about them.

They remind me of this:

Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow or reap nor gather into barns; Yet your Heavenly Father feeds them all, are you not more valuable then they? Matthew 6:26  

When’s the last time someone told you how valuable you are?

What a great verse for a teachable moment.  Birds can’t shop at the grocery store, yet God provides for them every day.

We unwittingly contribute to the cause by hanging bird-feeders in our yards.  And we thought it was just for our own enjoyment. Silly us.

I’ve counted at least 18 different Bible verses referencing birds.

Swallows, Sparrows, Doves, Turtledoves, Ravens, Quail, a Hen, even just birds in general. I’m sure I’ve probably missed a few.

So next time you’re outside enjoying the pleasant melodies of these beautiful creatures, remember this:

To God you are even more valuable than they, and He will meet all of your need. Not some of your need.

All of your need.
Who knows?  Faith, Grace, and Henry may pay you a visit.

It could happen.