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Sometimes We Just Have To Take A Little Rest…

Today seemed like a very long day.  It began like most days do, rolling right along according to plan.  Then a little mishap, nothing too earth shattering, still on track, but not for long.  I received that dreaded phone call from the school nurse;  so now it was “Nurse Gammy” to the rescue….time to pick up a sick little boy.

It’s tough on us moms and Gammys to hear the little ones cry cause their “head hurts”.  We nurture them, we comfort them, we make them feel cozy, we love them.  A good bit of prayer and a couple of melt-a-ways later, the little guy was fast asleep.   He’s fine, but it sure zapped my energy.

I stepped out for a bit to run an errand, and I have to say, inhaling the crisp after-the-rain fresh air did do me good. I could feel a blog post formulating in my mind: I have to get home; I have to write about how feeling so wiped out can really wreak havoc on our emotions, that when we get tired, we should rest.  I’ll just run right into the house and start typing away. Then I realized I still felt like a worn-out old shoe.  So when I got back home, the blog post waited, and I rested.  Good move.

Exhaustion has a funny way of creeping up on us, then wham, it hits us hard.  At that point we have two choices; keep pushing ourselves straight into the melt-down mode…or stop and take a little rest.

Thank you Lord, that you give rest for the weary….

sleepy hunter

“Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”     Matthew 11:29

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