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True Confessions of an Almost Author

I’m a writer. I’m a blogger.

I’ve read books on writing, taken courses on writing, am currently enrolled in COMPEL through Proverbs 31, and Jeff Goins, the talented guy who wrote: Wrecked, The In-Between, Writer’s Manifesto; he says I’m a writer.  He wrote a book about it:

“YOU ARE A WRITER (So Start Acting Like One)” by Jeff Goins.

I grabbed the Kindle Edition. He also offers a variety of resources on blogging, writing, and platform building to “help us be more awesome” on Check it out. Great stuff.

So where am I on this writing journey?  Probably right about where you are…

There’s a book in me; several books. There’s probably a book in you too. The thing is, they need to come out.  Besides reading about the craft, studying the craft, practicing the craft; eventually, we’ll have to take the plunge, put ourselves “out there”.   I’m just not sure where “out there” is.

I know for a fact there are thousands like us; dipping our toe in the pool.  The water may be cold at first, takes a bit of getting used to.  Let’s dive in; it’s time to swim.

Social interaction is obviously good for a writer; name recognition, branding, all good. Following this guideline, my email address is my name, and my blog addresses is my  I find this difficult since it seems in direct conflict to humbling myself, and the important reminder “it’s not about me.”  Still, I’m thinking God is okay with others knowing my name; after all, He calls me by name.

Have you ever googled your name?

Confession:  I have. I googled my name yesterday, and what popped up? A few pics of me, my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube pages; a pic of my friend Lisa (?), and umpteen images of “Doris” Day and Taylor “Swift”.  I’m thinking a cross between the two of them wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Then there’s that word; the word most of us at this stage of the game get a little creeped out about. You know what I’m talking about… platform.

I’d like to think I’m a pretty likable person, but unless something goes viral, this is going to pose quite a challenge. To aim for 100,000 hits on my blog in one month, a little intimidating.  Let me rephrase that, a lot intimidating. Intimidating yes, but not impossible:

Jesus said to him, 
   “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”  Mark 9:23

Yes Lord, I believe.

How many followers do you have?

Confession: I have exactly 175 blog followers and the number of Facebook friends only slightly exceeds the current balance in my checking account. I do have a Facebook page matching my blog name Walking Deeper with 60 followers and growing. I am learning how to develop an email platform, and have 78 Twitter followers; I’m sure a few of them are trying to sell me something.

I follow Jesus, but I don’t think He’s on Twitter.

Viral is another catch phrase popular in today’s culture. The closest I’ve come to viral is having Chickenpox in 3rd grade.  So, until I can teach my cat to flush the toilet, I’m thinking viral might be a bit far-reaching for me.

Have you noticed after a video has gone viral, these people wind up as guests on the Today Show?

Hey, wait a minute, I’ve been on the Today Show!  Well, I’m using the word “on” a bit loosely.  Brian and I were in NYC for our 25th anniversary in 2009.  We had been watching the Today Show for years, laughing at all the crazy people standing outside for hours; then we decided to become one of them.

We had our daughter DVR the show that morning, hoping we’d make the big-time with our hot-pink, homemade sign.  We did!  We were seen on camera during several shots as they panned the crazies.  We carefully avoided deleting the recorded show, until the DVR finally crashed. Thankfully, we had taken a photo of the TV screen.  See….

No, that’s not me standing with my husband under our anniversary sign, my bad.  I must have been out of view trying to wave down Al Roker.

The highlight of the morning for me (sorry honey), was when Meredith Vieira smiled and shook my hand. It happened during a commercial break, but what a treat!  She was as lovely in person as she looked on TV, and extremely gracious.  Here’s a close-up (I don’t think she’ll mind, she looks great):

Sorry Savannah, this was before your time.

Would you say you’ve struggled with doubt and fear? 

Confession: I would. Doubts creep in, yes they do. Love casts out fear, so I draw on that unconditional love of God when the fear and doubt threaten to devour me.  If He’s called me, He will equip me. He will equip you. He will.

I would have to say though, there is one fear I have to keep pushing back, pushing down; a fearful thought I have to continually take captive to the obedience of Christ.

What is this fear?

The fear of a dream that might never take shape, will never come to pass.  Satan loves to tell us that lie repeatedly, doesn’t he?  Do you ever have that same fear?

Worth the wait, yes, this is.  We will get there.  Wait on the Lord, He appoints us and gives us the desires of our heart when we trust in Him. He’ll give us that platform we need, because HE IS our platform; our firm foundation.  That’s a promise, and our faithful God keeps His promises. It’s not easy, it takes work; but why not work at what we love?

Perhaps as this journey unfolds, it won’t look anything like we had hoped for; no, it will be more, it will be better.  More than we could ask or imagine.

So write! 

Whether this dream comes together like fallen Manna from the sky, or whips us into shape so we can chase it, God is in control.  We don’t have to scream out “I’m here!  Notice me!  Know my name!” cause the only One who matters already does. May you find joy in this journey called writing.

In Him,


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  1. Thanks for your comments and encouragement Brandy! I love all the connections we are making through Compel. Love your blog by the way.

  2. Thanks for sharing your comments about your journey so far and know you are not alone in many of your feelings! (As I'm sure you know from all of your peeps going through Compel too) I too have been so ENCOURAGED through the Compel training and I'm so glad to have that blessing in my life and slowly but surely getting to know some of the other ladies and their blogs! Keep up the good work!

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