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Storm Tracker to Strong Tower

May 20, 2014

Living in Florida, we have five seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall, and hurricane.  June 1 officially ushers in the 2014 hurricane season. Here we go again, from now through November all eyes will be watching the Atlantic for developing storms. Each storm is named, oddly enough, as if it were a child forming in the womb. Ironically, these storms have a few things in common with birth. In early stages of development, they are small and weak, there are showers, and they continue to grow larger and stronger.

Thankfully, the last few hurricane seasons have been uneventful, but that wasn’t always the case. When the storms do come, we evacuate or hunker down, and inevitably we lose power.  The power can be out for hours, days, or even weeks. When the power goes out, there’s not much we can do but pray for it to come back. We are thankful for the convoy of power trucks, many from out of state answering the call for help.

When storms come, they aren’t always the kind meteorologists track. Storms in life can be just as devastating as a hurricane. Our storms have names too, don’t they?  Worry, anxiety, fear, addiction, sickness…

When we release and surrender our storms to God, He pulls down the strongholds, there is change within us.  The storms may wreak havoc, but they cannot crush us.  The storms may feel threatening, but God will never abandon us. Storms can be destructive, but they will not destroy us.  When we are weak we are strong in Him. He is greater than a convoy of power trucks. He dispatches Angel Armies.

So what can we do? We can:

  • Pray for the courage to surrender all to God.  It’s time to be free.
  • Turn off our inner Weather Channel, and tune in to God’s Word.
  • Trust not in man or circumstances; trust in God He Is our Strong Tower.

These jars of clay we are in contain Power and Light and no storm can destroy what God has planned for us.

Not Crushed