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Could You Be A Certain Woman?

womanwithraisedhands 3  I am filled with exuberance at the mention of  “a certain woman” in Judges who rocked the world of her people, literally. Who was she? When I get home one day, I hope to meet her, but for now I don’t even know her name.

Here’s the passage:

“Then Abimelech went to Thebez, and he encamped against Thebez and took it. But there was a strong tower in the city, and all the men and women—all the people of the city—fled there and shut themselves in; then they went up to the top of the tower.So Abimelech came as far as the tower and fought against it; and he drew near the door of the tower to burn it with fire. But a certain woman dropped an upper millstone on Abimelech’s head and crushed his skull.”  Judges 9:50-53 (NKJV)

Abimelech, was one evil dude. Son of Jerubaal (who was Gideon) and his concubine, he schemed to reign through deceit and murder, and wound up sporting a mortal wound inflicted by a certain woman. Evidently, he feared humiliation of death by a woman worse than death itself, so he implored his armor-bearer to finish him off with a sword. He had no clue God would insure generations to come would know the truth.

I ponder the events of this certain woman’s day, and imagine emotions she must have experienced. She had no idea when she awoke that morning, God had a plan to use her to save the people of Thebez from death by fire. I’m sure adrenaline pumped fiercely through her veins, mustering up holy strength and courage to drop a millstone on the head of a man on a rampage. She was living out a call; one she knew nothing of, until the moment she took action. God chose this woman, just as He has chosen us.

What if she knew what was in store for her that day, do you think she would have gotten out of bed?  What would have happened if she hadn’t?

The stone may have made an impact on Abimelech, however, it was nothing compared to the impact this woman made in HIStory.  She stared fear in the face and came out victorious through the power of God. Does that not bring you hope? It brings me hope. Just this certain ordinary woman used by an extraordinary God.

So why would God withhold her name? I am in no way a Bible scholar, but I have a theory: the name recognition game doesn’t matter to God. He will use us whether the world knows our name or not. We don’t need to be well-known or achieve a certain level in society in order for God to use us for His glory. Isn’t that refreshing?

Name recognition gameAlthough I hope dropping a millstone on someone’s head is not on my divine agenda today, the sheer excitement of expectancy, the unimaginable possibilities of what God can do through willing vessels, is more than I am able to contain.

Could you be a certain woman? Could I?  The answer is yes, if we are willing.













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4 thoughts on “Could You Be A Certain Woman?

  1. Great insight, Doris! It is exciting to think about His divine agenda, and unimaginable possibilities for willing vessels today! Thank you for helping put my focus on that expectancy this day. Your writing is to the point and filled with truth. Such a gift! Thanks, Doris!

  2. I hope dropping a millstone on someone’s head is not in God’s agenda for me, either, but this is a fascinating story! And yes, it is so exciting to all the things possible through Christ. 🙂

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