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5 Minute Friday “Belong” I’m Not Just A Visitor

July 11, 2014

This is my first time participating in Five Minute Friday. I’ve read many Friday posts on my friend Julie’s blog, and today, I decided to join the party! So what’s the deal? The deal is, Lisa-Jo Baker gives a one-word prompt on her blog, and you take that word and write on it for five minutes straight. No editing, no grammar concerns, no writing rules to follow. Just write.

Today Lisa-Jo is taking a well-deserved break, so we are meeting over at Crystal Stine’s place. Here goes.

BELONG ~ I’m Not Just A Visitor

Visiting a friend in a posh community, my husband and I pulled up to the guard shack to gain entrance through the massive gate. Guard “shack” is an odd reference, as there are no shacks to be seen in this community. As we waited for approval to enter, the man in the neatly pressed uniform asked several questions. Finally, the gates slowly parted, and our 2002 Camry with the faded hood was permitted to enter.

As we drove through the winding roads of the upscale neighborhood, I marveled at the mansions. Clearly we stood out like a weed in a well-manicured lawn. We don’t drive a luxury vehicle, and we couldn’t find the street. We backed up and turned around so many times, I thought sure the little man in the guard shack would re-think his decision to let us in.

I felt I didn’t belong here. We didn’t fit in here. We had a visitor’s pass on our windshield which labeled us as temporary guests, as opposed to permanent residents.Then I remembered a very important fact. This is not my home anyway. I may be a visitor in a strange neighborhood, but I am also an alien here on earth.I have a mansion that won’t blow away in a hurricane; I have a home in glory, and I don’t need a visitor’s pass on my windshield.

I am a daughter of the Most High King.     Belong-not just a visitor

It doesn’t matter what kind of car I drive or the size of the home I live in now. My eternal home is grand and wonderful and I already belong.

In Christ, I’m not just a visitor. I have gained permanent entry through gates that have swung open wide for me and for you.