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Do They Irk You Too?

August 16, 2014

Do certain people irk you? I can relate. Let’s call them pet-peeve people.

Here’s their modus operandi (Latin for distinct patterns, in this case, of annoyance and ability to exasperate):

  • The “pull right out in front of you” people.
  • The “let me keep my grocery cart on one side of the isle, while I browse the shelf on the other side” people.
  • The “I’m oblivious to who’s behind me, as I chat with the cashier” people.
  • The “I don’t care if children are present, I’ll use whatever language I wish” people.
  • The “I’ll tailgate you even if you’re driving the speed limit” people.

Do these behaviors peeve you too?

Besides the word peeve, another word comes to mind. Convicted.

Stay calm, I wasn’t convicted of strangling one of them. I was convicted of being one of them.

I’d say with the exception of the inappropriate language, I have been guilty of almost every other offense, and a few more at that.

I’m trying something new.

Each time a pet-peeve person pulls out in front of me, I say “I’ve done that.”

When a lead-foot tailgater pops up behind me, or an under-the-speed-limit dawdler winds up in front of me (in the fast lane), I say “I’ve done that.”

On the wall right above my desk, a scripture painted on canvas stares back at me:

“…LOVE one another just as I have loved you…” John 13:34

Yeah, not always done a great job of that. Convicted. Holy Spirit, You do Your job well.

I cannot change behaviors of others, but I can choose to change my own behaviors.

I cannot be critical of others, while hypocritically expecting grace for myself. 

I’ve come to learn, people are hurting, lonely, abused, addicted, lost. Who am I to check the time when a sweet, gray-haired lady enjoys a friendly chat with the cashier? photo

When I stop seeing others through pet-peeve eyes and begin seeing them for who they are, knitted together in a mother’s womb by God, I can live out John 13:34 as God intended.

Perhaps next time an aisle-taker-upper scans for paprika, I’ll drop the impatient act and help them find it.

Share your thoughts.

In His Love, Mercy, and Grace every moment,