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Do They Irk You Too?

Do certain people irk you? I can relate. Let’s call them pet-peeve people.

Here’s their modus operandi (Latin for distinct patterns, in this case, of annoyance and ability to exasperate):

  • The “pull right out in front of you” people.
  • The “let me keep my grocery cart on one side of the isle, while I browse the shelf on the other side” people.
  • The “I’m oblivious to who’s behind me, as I chat with the cashier” people.
  • The “I don’t care if children are present, I’ll use whatever language I wish” people.
  • The “I’ll tailgate you even if you’re driving the speed limit” people.

Do these behaviors peeve you too?

Besides the word peeve, another word comes to mind. Convicted.

Stay calm, I wasn’t convicted of strangling one of them. I was convicted of being one of them.

I’d say with the exception of the inappropriate language, I have been guilty of almost every other offense, and a few more at that.

I’m trying something new.

Each time a pet-peeve person pulls out in front of me, I say “I’ve done that.”

When a lead-foot tailgater pops up behind me, or an under-the-speed-limit dawdler winds up in front of me (in the fast lane), I say “I’ve done that.”

On the wall right above my desk, a scripture painted on canvas stares back at me:

“…LOVE one another just as I have loved you…” John 13:34

Yeah, not always done a great job of that. Convicted. Holy Spirit, You do Your job well.

I cannot change behaviors of others, but I can choose to change my own behaviors.

I cannot be critical of others, while hypocritically expecting grace for myself. 

I’ve come to learn, people are hurting, lonely, abused, addicted, lost. Who am I to check the time when a sweet, gray-haired lady enjoys a friendly chat with the cashier? photo

When I stop seeing others through pet-peeve eyes and begin seeing them for who they are, knitted together in a mother’s womb by God, I can live out John 13:34 as God intended.

Perhaps next time an aisle-taker-upper scans for paprika, I’ll drop the impatient act and help them find it.

Share your thoughts.

In His Love, Mercy, and Grace every moment,


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11 thoughts on “Do They Irk You Too?

  1. Sounds like a good strategy to me, Doris. After all, we’ve done those things too! But somehow we justify ourselves and come down hard on others! We need to repent of being pet peeve people ourselves!

  2. Great post, Doris. And, oh yes, I’ve been right there, too! I love your idea of using the lack of courtesy in others as a prompt to say, “I’ve done that.” And to maybe say a little prayer for them–knowing they have a lot going on in their life I know nothing about. Grace. I need to live with grace and offer grace. Blessings to you, Doris!

    1. Thanks for stopping to read, and for your comments Ellie; hoping I don’t cause self-destruction when I’m the idiot lol! Got to exhibit that fruit, amen?! Blessings to you as well.

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