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Opposites Distract

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Are you easily distracted?

I admit at times I am, and cringe in saying so. Why? The opposite of distracted is focused, and there’s a myth we buy into concerning focused people; they have it all together.

Here are a few common characteristics of the distracted. You might be distracted if you say things like: Now where was I? What did I walk in this room for? Sorry, what did you say? We have a cat?

Diversion;  distraction;  off-course; off-track; side-tracked. No matter what we call it, we allow it to  pull us away from our focus.

Scrolling for a pic I uploaded last week, I ran across this needle and thread in my repertoire of images. It diverted me and completely changed my direction. needle and thread

I forgot all about the pic I was looking for.

I was distracted; or so I thought.

We could talk about avoiding distractions, or we could consider this:

What if these distractions are meant to pull us from our focus? Perhaps our focus is the distraction.

Scarlet thread embroiders a Name on my thoughts. A distraction transforms into divine focus; narrow as the needle’s eye:

Every moment, past, present, and future is part of the Master’s plan, hand-stitched together by One continuous, common thread. Jesus.

When distractions have you leaving cell phones in the fridge, mixing up the sugar and salt, and piling groceries into the wrong car, stop. Breathe. Focus. You have the mind of Christ. Allow His words to seep into your spirit, and quiet your soul.

For “who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him?” But we have the mind of Christ.  1 Corinthians 2:16

He is the thread that holds us together, not because we are focused, but because our focus is on Him.

Love Well and Be Blessed,


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6 thoughts on “Opposites Distract

  1. Oh yes, I get distracted all the time. Sometimes I think it’s because I’m ADD 😉 (not really, but I feel that way) but this is a fresh perspective! Thanks, Doris. May I be mindful that God is right there in the midst of the distraction, and may be using it for his good and purpose.

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