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Will He Notice Me?

This is my second time participating in Five Minute Friday. So what’s the deal? The deal is, Kate Motaung gives a one-word prompt on her blog, and you take that word and write on it for five minutes straight. No editing, no grammar concerns, no writing rules to follow. Just write. If you’d like to check out other writer contributions, or participate in this fun exercise (yes, I just used the words “fun” and “exercise” in the same sentence), look for the button on the right side-bar and click! Here goes with this week’s prompt: NOTICE…


notice me

I wanted so much for him to notice me. Seventh grade, and this awkward girl wondered if she could catch the eye of the popular boy, back in town for a visit.

Why would he? What made me think he’d walk past all the other girls?

I’ll never forget that night. I have the entire event documented in a tattered diary; a record  of those years where I seemed too boy-crazy for my own good.

It was as if I had been planted smack in the middle of a fairy tale. He saw me, walked over, and asked me to dance. He chose me. He took notice of me. Me.

That was many years ago, and as exciting as that night may have been in the pages of my little red diary, he wasn’t “the one.”

I met my man six years later, the one I’ve been dancing with ever since.

Dancing at the wedding

But it doesn’t end there…

Shortly after I met the one, I met The One and Only.

I will gladly dance with Him for all eternity.

Does He notice you? Yes, His bride.

Jesus will take your hand. He’s asking you to dance.

Keep dancing; never let go. He will lead.






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    1. Thank you for your comments, for stopping by, and for noticing! Funny, wasn’t sure many from FMF would “notice” since I stopped by late, and wound up #121 I believe. Blessings to you.

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