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Whose Shoes Are You Wearing?

 Remember when life was simpler?

When having a bad day meant bubble gum in your hair?

I remember those days of digging through mom’s closet, slipping on heels, and putting on plays. Then I blinked, and my daughter was digging through my closet.

Our younger self dreams of growing older. Middle school, high school, driving, dating, college, wedding, kids…

Our older self dreams of when we were younger; before all this crazy stuff like mortgages, bills, health insurance, taxes, aches, pains …

Truth is, some days our older self feels like throwing in the towel, staying in bed with the covers over our head.

Maybe we dream too much of what we hoped would be, or maybe we dream too much of what used to be.

Maybe we dream too much. Let’s open our eyes and see what is.

God has plans for us, He tells us so. Our divinely designed plans, flowing into His great plan, like rivers flowing into the ocean.

If we want to relive our youth, we can buy shoes five sizes too big, and shove a wad of bubble gum into our hair.

But going backwards stops the flow of our plan, and I want my plans flowing forward. How about you?

Ever wish you could walk in someone else’s shoes? Fill someone else’s shoes?

Stop wishing, cause their shoes won’t fit.

Because to God, there is not another like us in all the universe. Uniquely, fearfully, and wonderfully made.

He loves us, not only as a whole body and bride, but as that child He knitted together in the womb.

To God, there is nobody else who can fill our shoes. Not because we’re awesome, but because He is awesome and He created us. Do you believe that?

It’s time to believe it.

So let’s stop trying to walk in someone else’s shoes, and start walking in the plans God created for us.wearourownshoes

We can’t walk forward as world-changers for Christ if our shoes keep falling off.

Let’s wear shoes that fit, our shoes.

Right where we are, however young or old, mortgages and all.

Or maybe we can just go barefoot.

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But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever,
    the purposes of his heart through all generations. Psalm 33:11

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