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Fearless Faith and a Five-Dollar Bill

August 21, 2015

As a young wife and mom who worked full-time, hectic schedules and finances were a huge challenge. I’ll never forget the morning when my faith and the gas tank both dipped below “empty.”

Running behind schedule as usual, I somehow managed to get the kids off to school on time, and then head to work. I could feel my heart palpitating as I tried unsuccessfully to ignore the amber fuel light glaring at me.

How long had the warning light been on?

I had no clue, so I prayed God would help me get to my destination. I did well trusting Him for the first three miles or so, then panic set in. I allowed my fear to wash over my faith.

I felt like a faith-failure as I drove to the gas pump. Sure, the car needed gas, but have you ever been on empty, when your bank account was empty too?

I’m guest posting on (in)courage today, and you can read the rest of my post here http://www.incourage.me/?p=172597

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