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Beware the Dainty Chains

Photo credit Kaley Dykstra-creative commons

I lift the delicate chain from the hook.

Reaching clasp and eye around opposites sides of my neck, I dip my head slightly and fasten it tight.

We girls like lovely things. Perhaps we don’t all agree on silver or gold, but many of us feel we’re not completely dressed without a necklace.

At a women’s event yesterday, we worshiped together, declaring power in the Name of Jesus. That power can break every chain of sin, hanging heavy around our necks.

We form an image in our minds.

Thick, heavy chains, perhaps pewter in color, dragging us down and binding us up.

Those chains are hard to miss. But what if the most dangerous chains feel delicate and comfortable?

We talk of sins like failing to forgive, giving in to pride, loving those who love us, but not those who don’t.

What if we’re so busy avoiding obvious sins, we miss the not-so-obvious ones slithering in?

Those flesh-eating sins like harboring resentment, growing callous, allowing exhaustion to make our choices.

The enemy can come as an angel of light. What appears pretty, isn’t always what it seems.

What promises to fill us, comfort us, charades as the truth. Its lure attracts us, making us feel better about ourselves, but at what cost? It’s a live wire stretched across our path, waiting for us to step on it barefoot.

Like the friends who tempt, wrapping gossip all up in churchy phrases. They love drinking coffee, and spelling prayer d-r-a-m-a.

Do you have friends like that? Pray for them, they need it. And let’s lay the truth on the line. Let’s unwrap the gossip, and ask them to choose between it and us. Don’t worry, we can still drink coffee, praise God.

How about that little lie? Since when are lies acceptable based on size? I used to think that way; I used to believe a lie to avoid hurting someone was okay. Well, that’s what the world says anyway.

Let’s get something straight, the truth doesn’t bend.

And that group who mentions Jesus, and it all sounds good because they speak His Name? Listen closely, because they don’t really know Jesus, or who He is, or that He Is.

We can easily be drawn in, and those delicate chains we thought lovely?

They tarnish and rust once the clasp is fastened. Links disappear one by one, and the ones remaining grow tighter.

But we need not despair.

Because there is power in the Name of Jesus, and He truly can break every chain. Not just the obvious ones.

Be alert and armor up. Stay close to the flock, and stay grounded in the Word.

Because the one who deceives as an angel of light, cannot fool those who know the truth. And as we know, the truth will set us free.

  • Let’s pray often, better yet, more often.
  • Let’s not just read the Word, but study it. Break out study tools and dig in deep. Girls are smart.
  • And let’s keep reminding each other of this:  When we get in those what-about-me moods, and why-is-this-happening-to-me moods, and why-isn’t-that-happening-to-me moods, that it’s not all about us, and the most important us is in Jesus.

Who’s with me?

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