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When We Think We Know It All, We Know Nothing

I did something new this week. I went back to school.

Evidently my brain was due for a workout since, “I used to know this….” has been the catch-phrase of the week.

It’s no secret one of my favorite quotes is by a wise man, CS Lewis. He said: “You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” I’m glad God is in the business of new, aren’t you?

Have you felt a tug on your heart to step out in faith and reach for a new dream?

If you’re struggling to find answers I’ve got one for you. Head to the Word.

I say that because there’s this lie we believe about the Bible, the lie that we’ve been there, done that, heard that verse before. We know it. We’ve read it. We’re good. Notice the past tense? Have you ever had those thoughts? Yeah, me too. But those thoughts rob us like a thief in the night.

We’re not good. We’re far from good. Transformation comes from renewing our mind through the Word. You’re right, that’s in the Word and we’ve heard it before. Yet with every delicate page turned there’s something new to learn. We grow. We see things our eyes didn’t see before, because before is when we glazed over that one word that makes all the difference in what we need for today.

Have you read the passage about a place called Gethsemane? Me too. But this time it touched me so deeply. The weight of His Jesus’ sorrow is beyond our comprehension. Jesus knew what He would endure. The weight of our awful, horrific, devastating sin put upon the One who knew no sin. To be crushed beneath the weight like olives in a press. Aren’t we thankful for mercy and grace? He took our place.

Then there’s the way Jesus prayed: “He fell with His face to the ground.” I’ve read those words before yet the picture was missing. We’ve seen images of Jesus on His knees in the garden looking up to the Father, but evidently Jesus face down in the dirt isn’t picture worthy. This posture of prayer is a thing of beauty, a position of reverence and total submission. As He lies face to the ground, He asks the Father if the cup could be taken away.

Jesus’ prayer doesn’t end there though, it’s what comes next that teaches us the difference between what we want and what we should want…

“…Yet not as I will, but as You will.”   Matthew 26:39b

That’s key. Jesus prayed this prayer not once, not twice, but three times presenting the same request, yet in all those times He never wavered in submitting to the Father’s will over His own.

Am I prepared to accept God’s will over my own?

What God allows to happen in my life often times looks very different than what I would choose, but I’m still learning and He knows the big picture. My big picture is smaller than a speck of dust compared to the infinite grandeur of a picture God has designed. I need to trust the writing of my story to Him. He knows all.

Let’s not believe the lie that we’ve learned everything we need to know. Trying to depend on dusty knowledge will leave us stale and thirsty. It may serve us well for a time, but the well will run dry. Keep learning and stay fresh in the Word.

I’m thankful for this new journey at Liberty U. I know God led me to this place because I’m still not exactly sure how I got there. Boom. You’re back in school. What? I know, I said that earlier. But really, what?

Don’t lose sight of your big dreams and pray God’s will be done. He’s already made a Way.

Have these words touched you in some way? What dreams are you reaching for?







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4 thoughts on “When We Think We Know It All, We Know Nothing

    1. Thank you for your comments, Danielle! So true, we need to remain teachable and excited to learn new things. Thank you for stopping by!

  1. Doris, there’s always more to learn.

    I’ve been through the Bible several times. Yet as I read it again each morning, I find myself saying, “Aha.” Something new strikes me – something I needed to hear that very day.

    You never know it all. And when you’ve heard it before, you’ll forget what you heard.

    Great post, Doris!

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