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Those Days When It’s Even Hard to Pray…

Hello, Friend.

Today, I want to talk about prayer and those hard days when even praying seems beyond our grasp. As in my last post about keeping Christmas simple, I’m continuing the simple theme in regards to prayer.

Prayer is simply communing with God. Simple does not mean unimportant, less than, or less meaningful. In fact, God makes it simple for us to reach Him. We’re the ones who make it complicated.

Throughout our days of meetings, events, and activities, we can intentionally include God in our every thought. Directing our thoughts towards God enables us to talk with Him and fellowship with Him. This is a form of worshipꟷby acknowledging Him in all our ways.

Jesus taught us to pray the Lord’s Prayer, beautiful and meaningful, it is also a pattern for us to model all our prayers after.

Although we know prayer is essential in our walk with the Lord, what about those days when it’s even hard to pray?

Then we can simply begin by using these prayer-starters either verbally or by writing out what’s on our hearts in a love letter to God..

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Dear God,

I praise You and I thank You. I am having a hard day today and I really need You…

Dear God,

I praise You and I thank You. I don’t know what to do and I need Your help…

Dear God,

I praise you and I thank You. I have a heavy heart and I need you…

Dear God,

I praise You, I thank You, I need You.

If that is all we can say on those days when it’s hard to pray and we don’t know what to say, then that is enough. God hears us, loves us, and already knows what we find so hard to say.

Keeping our minds stayed on Him will keep us in perfect peace because we trust in Him. You’ll find that in Isaiah 26:3.

I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote especially for you and me today. I pray it blesses you.

Oh, Lord, some days it’s hard to pray,

and life seems such a blur,

I’ll acknowledge You in all my ways,

You are with me and always were.

Oh, Lord, I will praise You night and day,

for being who You are,

I know although it may not feel that way,

 You are never very far.

Oh, Lord, I thank You that in all my days,

we will never be apart,

You have blessed me in so many ways,

and You are always in my heart.

Oh, Lord, I don’t know what to say,

but this I’ll always know,

that even when it’s hard to pray,

You’ll never let me go.

Be blessed today, friend. I’m praying for you…



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