The "What If’s" & "If Only’s"….continued

Today, I was reading over some earlier blogposts….
The one written on 7/7/12 really resonated with me….
   As I read some of the things listed under my “What If’s”
        … I realized something amazing…something I should have 
                been totally aware of…..and yet…I hadn’t clearly seen it..
                  The Lord has been at work in my life fulfilling
                        those things I had written about!  Very cool!

      (If you missed the original post, you can refer back to it to see
                    what started me on this in the first place!)

First ~ I had mentioned quitting piano some years ago..
     I hate the word “quit” don’t you?? 
       Well….turns out one of our customers is a piano teacher!
          So guess who is back taking up piano once again?  Me!          

Next ~ I mentioned neglecting my writing for a period of time….
   Well…turns out I am six or so chapters into my first Christian fiction
        (oxymoron, I know!) novel, found time to write some short stories….
           and entered a few writing contests too…. I don’t yet know what will come of all
              of that….but He does… I can do ALL things through Christ….                              

Then ~ I said something about regretting not persuing a career in education…
   Well…turns out, after a long hiatus, I’m back in the classroom being blessed by about
          15-18 2nd & 3rd graders on Sunday mornings….That has truly satisfied my soul 🙂

Oh, and as a bonus….I love speaking and encouraging women…I was recently blessed
     to share my testimony/HisStory at a Women’s Ministry event at our church!  So blessed!

I had totally forgotten about writing this original blogpost back in July…

   Perhaps the Lord wants to remind us that it’s never too late
        to receive the desires of our hearts when we delight in Him (Psalm 37:4)….
             His word promises it to His children and He is faithful….
                  Let that encourage you today!  Thank you Heavenly Father….

He shall bring it to pass (Psalm 37:5)maybe not in quite the same way we think it should happen, but in His way and in His great timing….

After all……

              His ways are not our ways… Isaiah 55:8-9

What are some of the “What if’s” & “if only’s” in your life?  Is God still calling you to re-visit any of them?  Has He rekindled a passion in you? I would love for you to share it in the comments…

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2 thoughts on “The "What If’s" & "If Only’s"….continued

  1. Thanks Michelle…Who knows…next I might be trekking off to California and Alaska like you 🙂 No limits to our adventures with our Great God!!!

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