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Welcome to the Blog Hop


A few weeks ago, my friend Julie invited me to participate in a thing called a Blog Hop. I had never participated in one before, but what a cool experience! Here’s how it works: I answer four questions about writing on my blog, then introduce you to a few of my friends whose blogs I’ve been following for a few years now. They all have a heart for Jesus, and their blogs are awesome and very different from one another. Be sure to check them out; you’ll be blessed!

Thanks Julie for the invite! Here goes:

  1. What am I writing or working on? Currently, my main focus is blogging. I love sharing encouragement and truth with women through the Word of God. I’m also 27,000 or so words, into a Christian fiction manuscript entitled “Uncommon Threads.” I’ve been writing this novel for the past couple of years, walking away from it for a bit, then returning to it as if reuniting with an old friend. My non-fiction heart’s passion, is to  encourage and inspire women to emerge, to use their gifts in whatever God calls them to do for His glory. A few titles I’m working on are “Emerge~Being More Than Just Another Faith in the Crowd” and “Emerge~Finding Your Voice in a Noisy World.” You get the picture. Of course all of these are subject to change, but that is our prerogative as women, isn’t it? 😉
  2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? This question used to stump me; then I realized why.  The enemy has a cunning way of trying to convince us it’s time to waive the white flag before we’ve even begun. Those lies whispered into our ears, “you might as well give up now, someone else has already written that book.” Another you may recognize, “why would anyone want to read your writing? Who do you think you are?” Sound familiar? So I suppose my answer to the question of what makes my writing different, is simply because my voice is different. God created each one of us, giving us a unique voice and calling. He doesn’t make mistakes, and He doesn’t waste time; He created us and He created time. He will direct my steps as to what He wants to say through my writing, and when He wants to say it. Whatever comes through on the page will be as unique as I am. Of course, I have to be willing. I have to work hard at it, and keep plugging away or else my voice will go from unique to antique!
  3. Why do I write what I do? I used to think life was getting in the way of my writing; then I realized it’s life that inspires my writing. At times my life looks like a reality TV show, so why not share lessons learned? I truly believe life is meant to be lived intentionally. As life shifts between oceans of joy and valleys of trial, we are called to glorify God and love and encourage others through our stories.
  4. How does my writing process work? Prayer and staying in the Word is key. I may be totally brain-blank one moment, then in an instant, a message begins formulating. I went through many dry spells, as all writers do. There was one spell in particular that was so dry, I prayed hard for a breakthrough. I hadn’t written in weeks, and I missed it terribly. In my prayer, I asked God to show me if He had truly called me to write. If I wasn’t meant to be a writer, I didn’t want to waste another moment, thus missing His plan for my life. I prayed for His will, and if I began to write again, I would know it was from Him because I had nothing more to give. Shortly after, I wrote about that; probably to encourage one of his other kids going through the same doubt. OK, back to the question: I seem to do my best writing at night when it’s quiet. That’s not to say I haven’t written in the daytime as well, but I seem to crank out more when crickets are chirping. I guess in a way it’s like sharing His light in the dark.  Originally, I was going to name my blog “She Writes at Night” but that was already taken! I have notepads of ideas laying around; snippets of book titles and scriptures with intriguing messages. I could honestly improve on developing a more disciplined writing process. Right now, it’s a bit free-spirited in form. Can you relate?

Well, those are the deep and thoughtful answers I know you were all waiting on with bated breathe 😉

Now it’s time to introduce you to a few of my blogging friends. Their writing has blessed me as I trust it will bless you!

family 2014Tiffany Locke has been a pilots wife for over 20 years. She has four children, three at home and one at college. She plays the role of single mom 3 to 4 days a week while her husband takes off to fly . Tiffany is a Bible study teacher who shares her passion for women’s ministry. She is able to give you a fresh prescriptive on being a pilot’s wife, as well as just trying to find the right shoe that God has for you to wear. Her blog is “These are the Shoes of our Lives.” Which is also the title of a bible study that she is currently working on. You can visit Tiffany’s blog at

I met Tiffany a few years ago, and our families attend the same church. We meet regularly as writing accountability partners and are both members of the Compel writer’s training through Proverbs 31. Tiffany is funny, thoughtful, generous, and loves writing in local coffee shops. She has a heart for reaching women through teaching God’s Word.

891950_10200096520713494_1791031929_oJoyce Harris, also known as The Herbal Gourmet, is a certified tea and herb specialist, plus a retired nursery business owner, whose goal is to share her experience and information on the use of the herbs, including tea, that God has provided in our world; she loves to inspire others so they may pass this information and their blessings on to others. She currently writes a blog about tea, the uses of herbs, and gourmet gardening with a hint of blessing and inspiration at and does local presentations and demonstrations for groups of all sizes.

Joyce is an amazing woman with many talents. I met Joyce through church, and have had the pleasure of getting to know her over the past couple of years. Her compassionate spirit, heart of gold, and love for God shines through as she serves and writes what God places on her heart.


Michelle SpanosMichelle Spanos is married to her best friend. Mom to 3. Grandmother to 2. Homeschooler, home manager, moment maker, pallet designer, beautiful mess. Her words are a wonderful mix of humor and just plain living life this side of Heaven.

I’ve known Michelle for many years, and met her (you guessed it!) through church. I had the privilege of being Sunday School teacher to both her sons, and enjoy seeing her sweet daughter when they stop by the church office. Michelle is creative, caring, and adventurous as you will see when you read her blog

Thanks for stopping by, and happy hopping!

Love In Him,






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7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blog Hop

  1. Doris- I finally jumped in to the blog hop and not only answered the questions myself but also read your answers. I can’t wait to read your novel and boy did I need to be reminded of the cunning enemy wanting us to wave that white flag. In His timing, even the timing of me reading this entry today. Keep writing.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging comments Michelle. Yes, that white flag thing. When times get tough and discouraging, I remind myself the “I surrender” is for Jesus, not for giving up. Keep writing too!

  2. Joyce is definitely one of my favorite bloggers…and most certainly my favorite mother-in-law!!!

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