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Where to Turn When Life is Unstable {a guest post}


I’m blessed to welcome my friend Tara Cole to the blog today. I met Tara through Tribe Writers, an online writing course and community. She’s a sweet mama, with a heart to help other mamas find quiet time with God; but you’ll find her words are not just for mamas. In her free ebook, The Real Women’s Manifesto: Getting Real with God and with Others, she shares a call to action for all women to open up and stop pretending everything is fine. At the end of the post, you’ll find out how to grab your free copy. I love how we both share a passion to encourage women to grow in relationship with God. You’ll be blessed by the words she shares here, about finding stability in our lives.


Can you imagine it?

She just begins to think, “Finally, we might be settled for a little while. Finally, we can rest after leaving Egypt.” And the call goes through the camp. The cloud is moving. Again.

She rounds up her children, packs the tent and supplies, and hurries off after her husband to follow where God is leading.

Oh, how she longs for the stability of Egypt. Yes, they were slaves, but they had beef and mutton to eat. Yes, they were slaves, but she always knew where home was. For four hundred years the women in her family had known where home was.

But now? Now, home is in constant flux. Manna in the morning, quail in the evening, and waiting. Lots of waiting to see where God will lead them next.

The Instability

This is my story at the moment. For nine years I knew where home was. Now? Now, I don’t know beyond 18 days from this moment. I haven’t a clue, and I have zero control over the situation.

I feel much like I imagine the Israelite women must have felt. Even though God provided for all their physical needs, how she still must have longed for home. For stability. Or at least more stability than the constantly moving pillar of cloud and fire would bring.

God As Our Stability

But aren’t those the lessons? That this world is not her home or mine or yours. God will supply all our needs, not wants, needs. And that He is to be the stabilizing force in our lives.

Maybe right now, your physical home is pretty solid, but your life still seems out of control. Health problems, children problems, spouse problems, whatever it is, it leaves you praying for, longing for stability. For home.

It’s not easy to remember heaven is our home. It’s not easy to find our stability in Him. It. Is. Hard.

For me it looks like getting up early to begin my day with Him, even though I hate mornings. Waking up that early leaves me tired. But nap time is not working for me anymore. It’s just too late in my day.

I need to begin my day with Him, and with the reminder that He is my stability. He is the one constant in my life.

We need to remember, He knows the way home.


TaraTara is a wife, mother, writer, and teacher. She has three boys who keep her crazy busy. Her writing goals are to help others draw closer to God and see Him in new ways. She teaches Comp I and Comp II (freshman English) online and loves helping her students not fear writing.  Hop on over to Over A Cup for more encouragement from Tara and her team. There you’ll find inspiring stories, online Bible studies, resources, and Tara’s free ebook, The Real Woman’s Manifesto. You can also follow her on twitter @tlcoleoveracup.

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