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Electrified Spaghetti and Why God Created Coffee

What would you do if you saw a live wire down? A few months ago, a semi truck drove through our neighborhood. Staying on the straight path would have been fine, but the driver turned onto a side-street, snagging the power lines. Live wires down. A tangled mess of electrified spaghetti. Sounds like a good… Read More Electrified Spaghetti and Why God Created Coffee

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Calendar of Life

What a busy and eventful year this has been.  I am a “calendar saver” meaning I save calendars as you would photo albums.  It’s true that many have turned to technology and use the electronic kind, but  I personally love the old-fashioned, hang-on-the-wall-with-a-push-pin style. I love looking back at old calendars to see what was happening in… Read More Calendar of Life