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How to Overcome the Failure Myth

What exactly is the Failure Myth? Let’s break it down… First we’ll tackle the confusing mixed messages regarding failure. Optimists look at failure as a teacher and friend. believing failure teaches us things like try again, be persistent, never give upꟷspinning it positive because failure is how we learn. Perhaps that’s true, but often times… Read More How to Overcome the Failure Myth

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When We Think We Know It All, We Know Nothing

I did something new this week. I went back to school. Evidently my brain was due for a workout since, “I used to know this….” has been the catch-phrase of the week. It’s no secret one of my favorite quotes is by a wise man, CS Lewis. He said: “You are never to old to… Read More When We Think We Know It All, We Know Nothing

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When Your Faith is Attacked

Have you ever felt your faith was being attacked? How did you react? Today I welcome my friend and inspirational writer/blogger, Abby McDonald, for a visit here on Walking deeper. Abby and I met through a writing course and I’ve been so inspired by her words. I know you will be, too. Check out this… Read More When Your Faith is Attacked

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Confessions of a Faker-Baker

I’m a faker-baker. You too? I buy cake mixes in colorful packages, add oil, eggs, and poof, oven-ready batter. Cookies? Same thing. I’m usually buying what the dough-boy is selling. I used to feel inadequate for my lack of skills in the from-scratch department. It felt like a cheater, like that woman in the commercial… Read More Confessions of a Faker-Baker

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What Is Walking Deeper All About?

Hello! I’m glad you’re here. Whether you are new to this blog, or are already a subscriber, I wanted to share my heart with you today. Walking Deeper is all about encouraging, equipping, and engaging women to walk deeper in faith, and in relationship with Jesus Christ. Walking Deeper is about community. We are finding… Read More What Is Walking Deeper All About?

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Fearless Faith and a Five-Dollar Bill

As a young wife and mom who worked full-time, hectic schedules and finances were a huge challenge. I’ll never forget the morning when my faith and the gas tank both dipped below “empty.” Running behind schedule as usual, I somehow managed to get the kids off to school on time, and then head to work.… Read More Fearless Faith and a Five-Dollar Bill