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How to Overcome the Failure Myth

What exactly is the Failure Myth? Let’s break it down… First we’ll tackle the confusing mixed messages regarding failure. Optimists look at failure as a teacher and friend. believing failure teaches us things like try again, be persistent, never give upꟷspinning it positive because failure is how we learn. Perhaps that’s true, but often times… Read More How to Overcome the Failure Myth

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My Seven Year Journey Through the Tunnel

    I’ve been traveling through a tunnel for the past seven years. Can I share my experience with you? A few days ago I realized almost seven years have passed since I left a place I considered a friend, a friend I practically grew up with from ages 19 to 48. But unfortunately, friends… Read More My Seven Year Journey Through the Tunnel

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When Your Faith is Attacked

Have you ever felt your faith was being attacked? How did you react? Today I welcome my friend and inspirational writer/blogger, Abby McDonald, for a visit here on Walking deeper. Abby and I met through a writing course and I’ve been so inspired by her words. I know you will be, too. Check out this… Read More When Your Faith is Attacked

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Are We Slouching?

  Do you struggle with posture? When my daughter was a pre-teen and regular passenger in my backseat, she used to catch me slouching while driving. We agreed each time she noticed my less-than-perfect posture her cue would be, “You’re doing it!” and I’d immediately know to sit up straight. Believe me, she was good… Read More Are We Slouching?

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Why God is Not Our Safety Net

Have you been to a circus? I know what you’re thinking, our lives can be a circus, but I’m talking about the three-ring kind. I’ll never forget my first experience attending the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. My Uncle Joe and Aunt Janet took my cousins and me to this exciting event at… Read More Why God is Not Our Safety Net

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Electrified Spaghetti and Why God Created Coffee

What would you do if you saw a live wire down? A few months ago, a semi truck drove through our neighborhood. Staying on the straight path would have been fine, but the driver turned onto a side-street, snagging the power lines. Live wires down. A tangled mess of electrified spaghetti. Sounds like a good… Read More Electrified Spaghetti and Why God Created Coffee

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What Is Walking Deeper All About?

Hello! I’m glad you’re here. Whether you are new to this blog, or are already a subscriber, I wanted to share my heart with you today. Walking Deeper is all about encouraging, equipping, and engaging women to walk deeper in faith, and in relationship with Jesus Christ. Walking Deeper is about community. We are finding… Read More What Is Walking Deeper All About?