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How to Cast Your Cares and Why We Need Community

Remember those high school pep rallies? An entire gymnasium filled with yelling, screaming, cheering teens, some attending to show school spirit while others were just happy to get out of class early. The pep squad would hop-skip out onto the middle of the floor, leading us in cute uniforms and swaying ponytails, flipping props in the… Read More How to Cast Your Cares and Why We Need Community

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When We Can’t See What’s Coming-Positive Thoughts on Waiting

It never fails. I’m in the turn lane. A clear view of oncoming traffic. I’m calculating in my mind where the break is. The turning point. Then, as if a wrench falls from the sky, another car pulls into the opposite turn lane. Now I can’t see. I know you can relate. So I wait.… Read More When We Can’t See What’s Coming-Positive Thoughts on Waiting

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Do They Irk You Too?

Do certain people irk you? I can relate. Let’s call them pet-peeve people. Here’s their modus operandi (Latin for distinct patterns, in this case, of annoyance and ability to exasperate): The “pull right out in front of you” people. The “let me keep my grocery cart on one side of the isle, while I browse… Read More Do They Irk You Too?

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Better than a Band-Aid

What’s the first thing a mom says when her child is hurt? “Come here, let Mommy see. We’ll put a nice band-aid on it.” Tears streaming down, they run into our arms; we draw them near. We stop the bleeding, kiss the boo-boo, and bandage the wound. As women, we want to be the band-aid,… Read More Better than a Band-Aid

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Encouragement for the Consistently Inconsistent

Have you ever been on-fire-determined to accomplish a goal, then mid-way through the process, you not only dropped the ball, you couldn’t even find it? Me too.                                  , This drop-the-ball thing for me is exercise. I have an elliptical machine at home, and actually enjoy using it. So what exactly is the problem? I wondered about… Read More Encouragement for the Consistently Inconsistent

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What Mountain Has Your Faith Moved?

What do you think of when you hear the word “mountains”? A massive elevation, the appearance of which seems to kiss the sky; solid rock; ranges across the horizon? Who or what could move them? I love mountains. Brian and I honeymooned in Helen, GA.  We’ve also enjoyed traveling on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Those… Read More What Mountain Has Your Faith Moved?

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Life can be overwhelming. A difficult situation may hit us head-on suddenly, or perhaps we saw it coming and failed to take precautions. We may not realize the stress building up in us, until the day that last straw person pops the top, and we explode like a shaken can of coke; usually in the… Read More Feeling Overwhelmed?