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When We Think We Know It All, We Know Nothing

I did something new this week. I went back to school. Evidently my brain was due for a workout since, “I used to know this….” has been the catch-phrase of the week. It’s no secret one of my favorite quotes is by a wise man, CS Lewis. He said: “You are never to old to… Read More When We Think We Know It All, We Know Nothing

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Beware the Dainty Chains

I lift the delicate chain from the hook. Reaching clasp and eye around opposites sides of my neck, I dip my head slightly and fasten it tight. We girls like lovely things. Perhaps we don’t all agree on silver or gold, but many of us feel we’re not completely dressed without a necklace. At a… Read More Beware the Dainty Chains

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How to Stop Living in Fear

We don’t have to live in fear. Isn’t that great news? Yes, if only. In a previous post, “How Do We Fight the Fear?” we touched on specific types of fear. But really, when it comes down to it, fear is fear. Ever feel like this: Fearfulness and trembling have come upon me, And horror… Read More How to Stop Living in Fear

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4 Ways: Fight Discouragement

Have you felt discouraged lately? Hanging on like an Autumn leaf, fearing the slightest breeze could send you plummeting? Guess what? You’re not alone. This word discouraged. Seems it’s been a common thread running through conversations over the last several days. I’ve been there too. We get tired; we grow weary; we have thoughts of… Read More 4 Ways: Fight Discouragement

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Peace Beyond a Biscuit

What thoughts deluge your mind in the quiet of night and stillness of morning? For years, my daily routine brought stress and anxiety. I’d stay up late, hoping exhaustion would override the to-do, didn’t-do, should’ve done lists waiting to flood my thoughts as my head hit the pillow. Upon waking, another rush. It wasn’t necessarily… Read More Peace Beyond a Biscuit

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Better than a Band-Aid

What’s the first thing a mom says when her child is hurt? “Come here, let Mommy see. We’ll put a nice band-aid on it.” Tears streaming down, they run into our arms; we draw them near. We stop the bleeding, kiss the boo-boo, and bandage the wound. As women, we want to be the band-aid,… Read More Better than a Band-Aid

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Life can be overwhelming. A difficult situation may hit us head-on suddenly, or perhaps we saw it coming and failed to take precautions. We may not realize the stress building up in us, until the day that last straw person pops the top, and we explode like a shaken can of coke; usually in the… Read More Feeling Overwhelmed?