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Give Discouragement the BOOT

Is discouragement keeping us from moving forward? I’ve been on that coaster ride. Excitement brews as we climb upwards; we receive good news, gain acceptance, taste a victory. Joy bursts forth, and the bounce in our step feels like we’ve downed five cups of coffee. But what happens at the top? You can’t sit there… Read More Give Discouragement the BOOT

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Life Can Feel Crowded

We have good intentions, don’t we? Connect with God, write that book, call a friend. We may even begin, yet distractions left and right keep getting in the way. When God is  trying to reach us, trying to teach us, it seems life gets louder and our connection becomes muffled. The phone rings, the doorbell… Read More Life Can Feel Crowded

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Who Will You Invite?

I think we might be spoiled. Flowing water from faucets, lights by flipping a switch. I don’t like to admit I take things for granted, but honestly, I kind of do. It’s not that I’m not thankful, it’s just that blessings I routinely receive can slip under my thanksgiving radar. Do you find that to… Read More Who Will You Invite?

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Storm Tracker to Strong Tower

Living in Florida, we have five seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall, and hurricane.  June 1 officially ushers in the 2014 hurricane season. Here we go again, from now through November all eyes will be watching the Atlantic for developing storms. Each storm is named, oddly enough, as if it were a child forming in the… Read More Storm Tracker to Strong Tower

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EMERGE~From Invisible to Unstoppable

When I was a little girl, my favorite super-hero power was invisibility. I thought it both adventurous and advantageous to wander around totally undetected, spying on friends, and listening in on conversations. Don’t judge, forgive me I was ten.  Besides the obvious advantages, my favorite benefit of being invisible was protection. I could step out… Read More EMERGE~From Invisible to Unstoppable

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Are We Bandaging our Bondage?

While reading through my Facebook news feed, I saw that a friend had posted a scripture verse from Romans.  After posting it, she caught an error.  Instead of using the word “bondage,” the word “bandage” was used.   How strikingly similar these two words are in form, while strikingly different in meaning. A bandage is used… Read More Are We Bandaging our Bondage?

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What Is True Success?

Ah success.  What does that word mean anyway?  Ask a hundred different people, and you’ll  hear a hundred different answers.  But what does it mean to you? I loved English in school; it was by far my best subject;  “A’s”, praise, and amaze. Then it happened… Mrs. L., my new English teacher, handed back our… Read More What Is True Success?