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Why Giving Up is Not an Option

  We’ve been lying to ourselves, haven’t we? I know how it goes. We tell ourselves confidence is based on worldly standards, that someone else is a better version of us. We feel like giving in. We tell ourselves we’ve reached our full potential, that this is it, this is as far as we can… Read More Why Giving Up is Not an Option

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Slay Any Giants Lately?

Ever have a glass-half-empty person say you weren’t able to achieve a dream or a goal?  Hopefully it drives determination in us, but often times we find ourselves believing the negative. Why do we do that? Why do we listen to whispers of defeat before we even try? Having been a Sunday School teacher for many years, one would think I must have learned… Read More Slay Any Giants Lately?

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Not Designed To Be A Towel Rack

After coming home from the grocery store last week, I found my shower curtain, rod and all, sprawled across the shower floor.  At first glance, it startled me since I knew it wasn’t that way when I left the house.  Had an intruder gained access to my home while I was out?  Looking around, nothing else appeared… Read More Not Designed To Be A Towel Rack