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Overcoming the Imperfection Obsession

While on a recent visit to our local ice cream shop, I said something cringe-worthy. My grandson and I waited in line and when we finally reached the counter, I turned to him and blurted out: “I’m not having ice cream today so I can get thin enough to have ice cream.” As soon as… Read More Overcoming the Imperfection Obsession

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Why Giving Up is Not an Option

  We’ve been lying to ourselves, haven’t we? I know how it goes. We tell ourselves confidence is based on worldly standards, that someone else is a better version of us. We feel like giving in. We tell ourselves we’ve reached our full potential, that this is it, this is as far as we can… Read More Why Giving Up is Not an Option

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Finding Joy in Our Calling

Praise the Lord!  On October 12th I was very humbled and privileged to speak at a women’s event, Bagels & Blessings at Edgewater Alliance Church.  This season’s theme is JOY, and it was just that to bring God’s word to a room filled with beautiful sisters in Christ, and perhaps some that were searching for… Read More Finding Joy in Our Calling