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Why Are We Afraid of Change?

We were out of milk. We were out of bread. A short window of time and a decision to make, I had two options: hit the closest grocery store where I shop less often, or drive farther down the road where I could shop with my eyes closed. Surely the advantage of knowing the exact… Read More Why Are We Afraid of Change?

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Life can be overwhelming. A difficult situation may hit us head-on suddenly, or perhaps we saw it coming and failed to take precautions. We may not realize the stress building up in us, until the day that last straw person pops the top, and we explode like a shaken can of coke; usually in the… Read More Feeling Overwhelmed?

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Are We Bandaging our Bondage?

While reading through my Facebook news feed, I saw that a friend had posted a scripture verse from Romans.  After posting it, she caught an error.  Instead of using the word “bondage,” the word “bandage” was used.   How strikingly similar these two words are in form, while strikingly different in meaning. A bandage is used… Read More Are We Bandaging our Bondage?

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A Happy, Healthy "Us"

Brian and I will be celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary in August.  We make date night an important part of our relationship, and try to have one at least once a week.  It gives us quiet time together (depending on where we go that is!), and keeps the romance in our relationship.  We have two… Read More A Happy, Healthy "Us"

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Listen for the Whistle

As a young girl growing up in New Jersey, I have fond memories of playing outside with friends in my neighborhood.  There was no shortage of games to play, and we didn’t need a Wii to have fun;We used something called “imagination“…. It’s not made by Nintendo,  It’s made by God. Of course, my sister and I did have boundaries as to… Read More Listen for the Whistle