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Overcoming the Imperfection Obsession

While on a recent visit to our local ice cream shop, I said something cringe-worthy. My grandson and I waited in line and when we finally reached the counter, I turned to him and blurted out: “I’m not having ice cream today so I can get thin enough to have ice cream.” As soon as… Read More Overcoming the Imperfection Obsession

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Whose Approval Are We Seeking? Part 2 Acceptance

There I stood, miles from my comfort zone, vying for a spot on the varsity cheerleading squad. This was my first attempt at cheering and I can honestly say, I would have rather been having a root canal. The once familiar gym floor felt like foreign soil. Anxiety kicked in as my feet kicked up.… Read More Whose Approval Are We Seeking? Part 2 Acceptance

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How New Are You?

I’m a recreate kind of girl. I would love to be the creative type;one who envisions the perfect room design,  the perfect outfit, the perfect wall-grouping. But truth be told, I am not. I may not be creative, but I can do recreate. I may not have a clue what I want a room to… Read More How New Are You?

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Do They Irk You Too?

Do certain people irk you? I can relate. Let’s call them pet-peeve people. Here’s their modus operandi (Latin for distinct patterns, in this case, of annoyance and ability to exasperate): The “pull right out in front of you” people. The “let me keep my grocery cart on one side of the isle, while I browse… Read More Do They Irk You Too?