Where is Holy? Everywhere Holy Book Reivew & Give-Away

“When life feels heavy, sometimes it’s hard to remember that eventually the fog rises and lifts over the mountains…” – Kara Lawler

That first line of Kara Lawler’s book, Everywhere Holy, drew me in.

If you’re like me, you have a plethora of books with dog-eared pages stuffed sideways on a bookshelf beckoning, come finish me.

I finished this one.

Life has thrown us some major curve-balls lately, amen?

Our trials are hard and God is not unaware of them. He meets us in them.

Kara is open about her trials and reminds us that God allows them to teach us things. She shares about her struggles with anxiety but does not allow that to be the focus of her message.

Holiness is everywhere and when we shift our perspective to see it, we find it right where we are. God has given us abundant gifts, many we have yet to unwrap.

Holiness is Ever-Present

Intentionally seeking and experiencing God’s presence in our lives is a gift. As Kara tells us, finding everywhere holy becomes a prayer.

This holy hope is ever-present. God is ever-present. Holiness is ever-present.

We can remember this next time life weighs heavy and we ask, “Where are you, God?”

He is here. He is where we are and has blessed us with holy ground where our beautiful feet can tread as we bask in His love and grace.

Kara is our sister.

She opens her front door and welcomes us into her family, sharing stories and experiences we can all relate to.

Throughout the book, Kara pours out her heart and invites us into her journey. She also invites us to discover new things about our own journey–what is right before us.

Holy is everywhere and right where we are.

“Looking for holiness all around and seeing that as a form of prayer has helped me. I invite you to join me, wherever or whoever you are, as we discover how to see holy everywhere.” – Kara Lawler

Her writing is poetic and lovely–filled with imagery and wonder. Her descriptive style flows like honey for the soul, encompassing all of our senses and bringing a sense of peacefulness as we turn each page.

God’s beauty is everywhere around us. Everywhere sacred. Everywhere Holy.

Discover how you can find Everywhere Holy, too.

Want a free copy of Everywhere Holy?

I have one extra copy and I’d love to sent it to you! Just leave a comment by 8/31/2020, and you’ll be placed in a drawing to receive this beautiful gift. Your comment can be as simple as, “Yes, please!” or “I’d love a copy!” because simple is meaningful too.

You can connect with Kara Lawler at karalawler.com

Be blessed, friend!



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