Kate Hurley~An Unexpected Journey of Singleness

In today’s episode, An Unexpected Journey of Singleness, I’m talking with my friend, Kate Hurley. Kate shares her heart and journey of prolonged singleness, but there’s so much more to her story.

Find out all about her book, Getting Naked Later: Making Sense of the Unexpected Single Life, which isn’t just about purity; it’s serious, humorous, and meets the reader right where they are with just what they need.

Quotes from Kate

Kate is honest and real about her struggles and shares how God understands them.

“He wants me to have joy and hope, but He also understands why I struggle.” ~ Kate Hurley

I love how she said…

“You can struggle and still trust in God.” ~ Kate Hurley

This quote by Kate is so powerful…

It's okay to long and let go at the same time ~ Kate Hurley Click To Tweet

It’s okay to long and let go at the same time. How freeing is that?

Gifted and Called

Kate is also an amazingly talented singer/song writer and has toured all over the world. God is opening doors for her gifts to make an impact.

She also talked about her upcoming book, Prodigal Mind: Change Your Story One Thought at a Time. She writes books about what’s helped her so God can use them to help others.

Who couldn’t use a book like that?

Another Fierce Calling action Kate is taking is starting a sponsorship program to teach minority low income youth free music lessons. LOVE!

Thanks for Listening!

I hope you were inspired by what Kate had to share. God has plans for each of us and although waiting is hard, God is always aware of the desires of our hearts. His timing is always worth waiting for.

Connect with Kate!

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Kate Hurley

You can connect with Kate at katehurley.com on Instagram @iamkatehurley and Facebook

Kate’s Restore Your Story Links…

restoreyourstory.online and Restore Your Story Facebook Group

Kate Hurley is a singer-songwriter, worship leader, writer, life coach, and teacher based out of Asheville, NC. She traveled the world for fourteen years sharing her music and stories. She has played and taught everywhere from castles in Germany to slums in India to 30,000 people hippie gatherings.

She was a writer and performer with Enter the Worship Circle for several years. She has created seven solo albums and is on several other compilation albums, including Enter the Worship Circle: Third Circle.

Kate loves living in intentional communities and has lived in several communities around the country. I know she’d love to hear from you!

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