Mandy Sullivan~How to Stop Struggling with Identity, Weight, and Redemption After Divorce

Do you struggle with identity, weight, or seeking redemption after divorce? Have you been through a difficult season in your life?

Then you’re in the right place.

In today’s episode, How to Own Your Gifting and Walk in Your Get Real Journey, I’m talking with my friend Mandy Sullivan.

Mandy shares how God has redeemed her story of divorce and her struggles with weight, and how He redeems our stories, too.

Get Real Journey and Weight Accountability

We talk about her Get Real Journey, where she weighs in from her kitchen to be accountable and shares what God is teaching her. We also talk about her Nurture Her Soul events and how they are transforming the lives of women.

I know you’ll be blessed by Mandy’s words today. What she shares will encourage, inspire, and challenge you, so listen in while I have a chat with Mandy Sullivan.

More About Mandy…

Favorite Quote from the Show

“We are just like this huge collection of life-changers for God’s glory.”

-Mandy Sullivan

Connect with Mandy!

Do you struggle with identity, weight, or seeking redemption after divorce? Have you been through a difficult season in your life?

Connect with Mandy at, and find information about her events and speaking topics.

You can also find Mandy on her Facebook page, Nurture Her Soul, where she goes live every Thursday at 8:30 am Central Time, to weigh in and share what God has taught her through His Word that week.

Mandy Sullivan

Mandy Sullivan is a perfectly flawed and messy woman, whose daily goal is to live out the plan God created for her, a plan to be in relationship with him and to use her gifts so others may see the redemption and hope that only comes from a life with Jesus. Mandy has been in ministry for over 20 years. She is the co-creator of Nurture Her Soul Ministry, a speaker, and Bible study teacher. She serves as the Director of Discipleship and Family Ministries at her church and is currently finishing her Pastoral licensing. She’s been married to her second husband, Tom, for 7 years and together they have 5 kids and one granddaughter, and a grandson on the way.

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