Amy Debrucque: Vulnerability, Confidence, and Living Life on Purpose

What if we all lived life on purpose with intentionality, vulnerability when necessary, and with the confidence that God provides to do so?

My guest today is author, speaker, podcast host, and cancer survivor Amy Debrucque. We are talking about how women of all generations face similar struggles, what it looks like to live life on purpose, and how being a survivor began with surrender and led to vulnerability at the right time.

Amy also shares about her book em.bold.en, which she co-wrote with her daughter Blair. Women of all ages can relate to this unique self-reflection journal covering topics like fear, growth, and temptation.

Vulnerability and Confidence

When is it okay to be vulnerable with our stories? When Amy was willing to step out of her comfort zone and share the vulnerable parts of her story, God gave her the confidence to do it in His timing.

I know what Amy has to share will encourage, inspire, and challenge you, so listen in while I have a chat with Amy Debrucque…

Favorite Quotes from the show…

“It’s really through Him that He gave me the confidence to share.. “

“…the whole mission is and was for me, once I surrendered everything to God, was to start living on purpose instead of just having my fears, worries, and emotions run me and run my life–I wanted to be intentional about how I lived…”

–Amy Debrucque

Connect with Amy!

You can connect with Amy at and grab the fantastic book she co-wrote with her daughter Blair, em.bold.en for yourself and as gifts. Then, go through the study with your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or another young woman you mentor.

Find her confidence course mentioned in the show here:

em·bold·en: to give (someone) the confidence and courage
to do something or behave in a certain way.

Grab em.bold.en!

Plus, find her here:

Listen to her Life on Purpose podcast:




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More about Amy…

Amy Debrucque

Amy Debrucque is a wife, mom of four, author, podcaster, and cancer survivor. She is the founder of the Life On Purpose Movement and host of the Life On Purpose Podcast, where she encourages women to live on purpose instead of fear. Amy’s first book Embolden, co-written with her oldest daughter Blair, helps women discover the next brave steps and actions to conquer their fears and insecurities. Through this self-reflection
journal, women learn more about the love of God and the transformation that can happen through His words as they grow in faith, friendship, and

Amy loves entertaining with family and friends. A self-proclaimed “beach junkie,” health nut, and chocolate lover, she loves cooking, baking, attending her kids sporting events, and getting in weekly HIIT workouts
with her friend Alice.

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