Yvonne Marie: Learning the Practice of Knowing God on a Personal Level

The most amazing and precious thing in our lives is knowing God. On today’s show, my friend Yvonne Marie shares about learning the practice of knowing God on a personal level. Why is that important? Because when we know Him on a personal and intimate level, we will know His voice when we hear it.

Hear the story behind Yvonne’s book Kill the Busy Save the Bee: What It Really Means to Be Still and Know and what that means for all of us. This episode is fun, heartwarming, real, and relatable. You will love Yvonne–she’s engaging with a dose of humor, and you’ll wish she was your next-door neighbor! I do!

She also shares how she gets to be a part of the dreams of those she serves. So cool and maybe that could be you next, friend!

I know what Yvonne has to say will encourage, inspire, and challenge you–so listen in while I have a chat with Yvonne Marie.

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Favorite Quotes from Learning the Practice of Knowing God on a Personal Level…

“In my experience and through my life He has made Himself known in so many situations–even in daily situations…”

“…because I’m in His Word, I know His voice away from all the other voices.”

–Yvonne Marie

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by Yvonne Marie, M. Ed.

More about Yvonne…

Yvonne Marie, M. Ed.

Yvonne Marie, M.Ed. is a Christian, author, speaker, and writing coach. Her purpose is to encourage women of faith to protect and nurture their relationship with Jesus Christ and to use the gift of writing to build the kingdom of God.

As the owner of Your Book Journey Consulting, LLC, her business is to help writers, speakers, and business owners become authors!

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