Partnering with God to Win Back Your Prodigal with Lane Lawson Craft

Welcome back to another episode of Fierce Calling! This week we have a truly powerful and eye-opening conversation in store for you. My guest, Lane Lawson Craft, is a best-selling author, award-winning media host, and in-demand speaker who has partnered with struggling parents. Lane joins us to share her story, as well as the powerful message found in her book, The Parents Battle Plan: Warfare Strategies to Win Back Your Prodigal.

This is the second guest interview I’ve had with Laine, and she is a dynamic woman of God. After listening in to today’s episode, be sure to check out the episode we recorded in August 2022, God Still Moves Miraculously on Our Behalf.

Join us as we journey through this inspiring episode, and discover how Lane Lawson Craft’s incredible insights can help guide us through the battles we face as parents and in our daily lives. You won’t want to miss this heartfelt and empowering conversation. So grab your favorite cup of coffee, find a cozy spot, and let’s dive in!

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More About Laine …

Laine is dauntlessly committed to guiding parents of teens and young adults to win back their prodigal children.

She partners with prodigal parents so that they find a proven battle plan and strategies to guide them to know that they are not in a war with their child but in a war with the enemy trying to destroy them; they will learn how to have authority over the battles, and how to pray for victory for their prodigal.

With over fifteen years of working with amazing people with similar hurts and spiritual warfare and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, her mission and commitment are to give you insights and revelations into how the darkness of our world operates, build your hope, and give tried-and-true tools and applications that will bring your prodigal home.

Her path to writing this life-transforming battle plan became clear after she fought hell for her children, and her family was healed and won.

Laine is an award-winning, best-selling author, popular media host, and in-demand speaker.

She has been married to Steve, her husband, for over thirty-five years, and she loves spending time with her two sons, only daughter, daughter-in-love, and son-in-love. You can connect with Laine at

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