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How to Stop Living in Fear

We don’t have to live in fear. Isn’t that great news? Yes, if only. In a previous post, “How Do We Fight the Fear?” we touched on specific types of fear. But really, when it comes down to it, fear is fear. Ever feel like this: Fearfulness and trembling have come upon me, And horror… Read More How to Stop Living in Fear

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How Do We Fight the Fear?

I have a memory to share: As a little girl, I remember telling my dad of a bad dream. Scared me silly. He said next time I have one of those dreams,  I need to force myself to speak to the scary and say to it you’re not real. This is only a dream, and… Read More How Do We Fight the Fear?

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Worry-Free, Are You Ready?

“I don’t care anymore, do what you want. I’m done worrying about it. I’m done.” She clicked the disconnect button on the cell, missing those old phones you could slam down hard on the cradle. Somehow a finger tap wasn’t enough. Raw emotions rang the bell atop her internal ‘test your strength’ limit. It wasn’t… Read More Worry-Free, Are You Ready?

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What Are We Hiding? It’s Time to Seek

  What was your favorite childhood game? Hide and Seek tops my list. Talk about adrenaline rush; hiders frantically  scattering as the seeker shouts   “one, two, three,… ten; ready or not, here I come!” Stifling nervous giggles with hand over mouth, I’d slip behind a tree, or scurry inside and nestle tight between winter… Read More What Are We Hiding? It’s Time to Seek

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Are We Bandaging our Bondage?

While reading through my Facebook news feed, I saw that a friend had posted a scripture verse from Romans.  After posting it, she caught an error.  Instead of using the word “bondage,” the word “bandage” was used.   How strikingly similar these two words are in form, while strikingly different in meaning. A bandage is used… Read More Are We Bandaging our Bondage?

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Not Designed To Be A Towel Rack

After coming home from the grocery store last week, I found my shower curtain, rod and all, sprawled across the shower floor.  At first glance, it startled me since I knew it wasn’t that way when I left the house.  Had an intruder gained access to my home while I was out?  Looking around, nothing else appeared… Read More Not Designed To Be A Towel Rack

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Faith Test

I read a friend’s blog today and could really relate to the words on the screen..She was talking about the struggle we experience with worry/peace, worry/peace. It’s sometimes hard to delete that “worry”.  It would be nice if we could just hit the backspace button and wipe it right off the pages of our mind..… Read More Faith Test