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How to Keep Things Simple This Christmas

Christmas is on the horizon and at this point, you’re either calm or you’re frazzled. You can choose calm. Last Friday I wanted to decorate for Christmas, but I was exhausted. In order to stay calm, I planned on taking things a step at a time. First I needed to “un-decorate” and put away my… Read More How to Keep Things Simple This Christmas

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Peace or Complacency?

Have you ever thought about it? The difference between peace and complacency? We all want peace, don’t we? But it got me thinking about how easily complacency can disguise itself as peace. There’s something I used to pray about continually. Something important. I don’t worry about it and I feel at peace about it, but… Read More Peace or Complacency?

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When Does Nothing Mean Everything?

Who needs this verse today? Raise your hands. So what do we do with all the stuff making us anxious? The verse says be anxious for nothing, but what has nothing meant to us? If you’re wondering what I mean, read on… When have we skewed this word nothing? It’s when something is bothering us,… Read More When Does Nothing Mean Everything?

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Sweet to the Soul

May encouraging words flow from our lips, the aftertaste sweet to the soul, not bitter words, that sour and spoil, their destruction taking its toll. So what shall we choose, sour or sweet? Each day brings a new opportunity, choosing the sweet will always be wise, bringing life, peacefulness, and unity.                                                                                  ~ Doris Swift… Read More Sweet to the Soul

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Peace Beyond a Biscuit

What thoughts deluge your mind in the quiet of night and stillness of morning? For years, my daily routine brought stress and anxiety. I’d stay up late, hoping exhaustion would override the to-do, didn’t-do, should’ve done lists waiting to flood my thoughts as my head hit the pillow. Upon waking, another rush. It wasn’t necessarily… Read More Peace Beyond a Biscuit

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Opposites Distract

Are you easily distracted? I admit at times I am, and cringe in saying so. Why? The opposite of distracted is focused, and there’s a myth we buy into concerning focused people; they have it all together. Here are a few common characteristics of the distracted. You might be distracted if you say things like:… Read More Opposites Distract