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When Days Don’t Feel Like Gifts

My keychain says each day is a gift from God. While I know that’s true, some days just don’t feel like a gift all tied up in ribbons and bows. You know what I mean? Those hard days. The ones when we ask… Why, God? When, God? How, God? The Father gives good gifts, and… Read More When Days Don’t Feel Like Gifts

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Why God is Not Our Safety Net

Have you been to a circus? I know what you’re thinking, our lives can be a circus, but I’m talking about the three-ring kind. I’ll never forget my first experience attending the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. My Uncle Joe and Aunt Janet took my cousins and me to this exciting event at… Read More Why God is Not Our Safety Net

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Shortest Post Ever on Trust

Well friend, this takes the cake for being my shortest post ever. Aren’t you glad? Just kidding. So why so short? Because I’m missing community. I want to give you an opportunity to chime in. I don’t want to do all the talking, I want to have a conversation. Your voice matters to me. Your… Read More Shortest Post Ever on Trust

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Are You Struggling With Insecurity?

Insecurity. We girls can sure struggle with this, can’t we? I was fine from about K-4th, then I went through an awkward stage, how about you? It was fifth grade, weighed more than I care to say, and was first in my circle of friends to get my period. Oh. My. Word. No fifth grade… Read More Are You Struggling With Insecurity?

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Why Are We Afraid of Change?

We were out of milk. We were out of bread. A short window of time and a decision to make, I had two options: hit the closest grocery store where I shop less often, or drive farther down the road where I could shop with my eyes closed. Surely the advantage of knowing the exact… Read More Why Are We Afraid of Change?

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EMERGE~From Invisible to Unstoppable

When I was a little girl, my favorite super-hero power was invisibility. I thought it both adventurous and advantageous to wander around totally undetected, spying on friends, and listening in on conversations. Don’t judge, forgive me I was ten.  Besides the obvious advantages, my favorite benefit of being invisible was protection. I could step out… Read More EMERGE~From Invisible to Unstoppable

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“We’re going to drown!”

As a young girl growing up in north Jersey, opportunity to see the Atlantic Ocean came maybe once a year.  It was quite a drive to go “down the shore” as we called it.  I have fond memories of those summer vacations; excitement of the first hint of salt air, the caw of seagulls in… Read More “We’re going to drown!”