Alisa Hope Wagner ~ Listening for God’s Direction

In today’s episode, Listening for God’s Direction, I’m talking with my friend Alisa Hope Wagner.

Alisa is a wife, mom, and award-winning author and today she shares about listening for God’s voice, what happens when we answer His call, and how she wound up on not one but two reality TV shows!

I know what Alisa has to say will encourage, inspire, and challenge you, so listen in while I have a chat with Alisa Hope Wagner.

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Some Favorite Quotes from the Show

“God Sees who we will become.” – Alisa Hope Wagner

“God has a breadcrumb path of resources just for you.” – Alisa Hope Wagner

"God Sees who we will become." – Alisa Hope Wagner Click To Tweet "God has a breadcrumb path of resources just for you." – Alisa Hope Wagner Click To Tweet

Thanks for Listening!

I hope what Alisa shared spoke to your heart and encouraged you to take action where God is calling you to serve. Because like Alisa said, our highest calling is to serve and Jesus showed us how to do it well.

We may doubt we’re the girl for the job,

but God sees the girl He created for the job.

And He won’t leave us out there alone, He brings resources and relationships to meet our every need.

Connect with Alisa and Grab her Books!

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You can connect with Alisa at, on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Find her all her books on Amazon and be encouraged by the words God has inspired her to write.

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They need God’s freedom, peace, and joy…

Every lost person matters to God and He wants them found.

But life can be hard sometimes and we may struggle with finding joy in the midst of our circumstances.

Friend, that joy is still there and we just need to be reminded to reawaken to the Jesus joy in us.

What Threatens to Steal Your Joy?

If burdens are weighing heavy on your heart, sharing what threatens to steal your joy can be so freeing.

I’ll be talking more about that soon and offering a free, 6-day guide in how to surrender your joy stealers to God and live the joyful life you were born to live.

Truth is, your joy cannot be stolen from you, but life’s circumstances can make it feel like that way sometimes.

But God wants you joyful and He is faithful to do it.

I hope you’ll join me next time when I invite another woman who is taking action where her passion, compassion, and conviction intersect.

Until then friend, have a blessed week and I’ll talk to you soon.


Doris ♥


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