Molly Herrick~Gathering at the Table: Food, Faith, Farm, & Family

In today’s episode, Gathering at the Table: Food, Faith, Farm, & Family, I’m talking with my friend Molly Herrick.

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Molly lives on a farm in Iowa with the man of her dreams, two wonderful children, and some cattle and chickens! She’s a blogger, author, speaker, and has a degree in interior design.

She shares her gifts and talents by making things beautiful, and as a follower of Jesus, her desire is to share Christ’s love with those who the Lord places in her path.

Molly, her mother-in-law, and sisters-in-law all contribute to their website, The Gingham Apron, where they share about food, faith, farm, & family. They released their first book, The Gathering Table in October 2020.

We are talking homemade O’Henry bars, y’all! Spiced apple cider also comes up in the conversation. You’ll hear how Molly came to faith in Christ, too and I know what Molly has to say will encourage, inspire, and challenge you, so listen in while I have a chat with Molly Herrick.

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A Favorite Quote from the Show

“The Lord was just tugging on my heart, and I knew what I wanted to do.” – Molly Herrick

I hope what Molly shared spoke to your heart and encouraged you to take action where God is calling you to serve. Molly and the women in her family are blessing others by sharing their God-given gifts. Friend, you have amazing God-given gifts too.

Speaking of gifts…

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