Laura Brandenburg~The God Who Sees Me: A Journey Through Infertility

Have you or someone you know walked through the journey of infertility?

In today’s episode, The God Who Sees Me: A Journey Through Infertility, I’m talking with my friend Laura Brandenburg. Laura shares her story of waiting, hoping, and trusting God with her deep longing for motherhood.

We talk about her years of fertility treatments, adoption, and emergency surgery, and how in the midst of the struggle, God brought her peace.

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I know you’ll be blessed by Laura’s words today. She knows God’s heart for her and she wants other women to know God’s heart for them, too.

What Laura has to say will encourage, inspire, and challenge you, so listen in while I have a chat with Laura Brandenburg.

Laura Brandenburg

Laura C. Brandenburg writes real-life stories of redemption, forgiveness, and grace. Her work has won first place in the RWA “Ignite the Flame” contest, and the ACFW Genesis contest, and was a finalist in First Impressions and a semi-finalist in Genesis. A lover of language and grammar, Laura spends her days trying to inspire college students to love writing as much as she does. She lives in rural West Texas with her handsome husband, their miracle baby girl, and an 80-pound Weimaraner.

Favorite Quote from the Show

“Life is not always pretty, but God is always good.”

– Laura C. Brandenburg

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