Rachel Pieh Jones: Loving Your Neighbor as a Christian in a Muslim Country

What happens when you’re forced to flee a place you love because it’s no longer safe for you or your family?

Today on Fierce Calling, I’m talking with my friend Rachel Pieh Jones.

Rachel shares the hard parts of her story and some pretty amazing parts, too…

Like how she started the Horn of Africa’s only all-girls running team Girls Run 2, which keeps girls in school and provides running training.

Rachel writes about the lovely things of Djibouti and life at the crossroads of faith and culture.

She does all of this is under the umbrella of being a Christian in a Muslim country, loving Jesus, and loving her neighbor.

I know what Rachel shares will inspire, encourage, and challenge you, so listen in while I have a chat with Rachel Pieh Jones.

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You can connect with Rachel at rachelpiehjones.com where you can find her amazing books like this one…

More about Rachel…

Rachel Pieh Jones writes about life at the crossroads of faith and culture for the New York Times, Christianity Today, Runners World, and more. Her work is influenced by living in the Horn of Africa, raising Third Culture Kids, and adventurous exploration of the natural world. She is the author of Pillars and Stronger than Death. Visit her at www.rachelpiehjones.com Stay in touch with Rachel through Do Good Better, a Substack newsletter www.rachelpiehjones.substack.com

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