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Hope for the Overwhelmed

What overwhelms you today? We know God wants us to hang on to hope, but truth is, some days we feel we’re hanging on by a thread. Can you relate? Recently my hubby suffered from a severe back injury. Self-employed means you write yourself a paycheck, which doesn’t happen when you’re not working. Yet that… Read More Hope for the Overwhelmed

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How to Weed Out What Overwhelms

How do we weed out what overwhelms us? Our own coping mechanisms may satisfy for a time, but most wind up causing more stress than good. Like eating an entire pizza (ok, maybe six pieces out of eight). Perhaps for you, it’s eating nothing at all, or snapping like a turtle, or turning back to… Read More How to Weed Out What Overwhelms

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How to Stop Living in Fear

We don’t have to live in fear. Isn’t that great news? Yes, if only. In a previous post, “How Do We Fight the Fear?” we touched on specific types of fear. But really, when it comes down to it, fear is fear. Ever feel like this: Fearfulness and trembling have come upon me, And horror… Read More How to Stop Living in Fear

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Worry-Free, Are You Ready?

“I don’t care anymore, do what you want. I’m done worrying about it. I’m done.” She clicked the disconnect button on the cell, missing those old phones you could slam down hard on the cradle. Somehow a finger tap wasn’t enough. Raw emotions rang the bell atop her internal ‘test your strength’ limit. It wasn’t… Read More Worry-Free, Are You Ready?

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4 Ways: Fight Discouragement

Have you felt discouraged lately? Hanging on like an Autumn leaf, fearing the slightest breeze could send you plummeting? Guess what? You’re not alone. This word discouraged. Seems it’s been a common thread running through conversations over the last several days. I’ve been there too. We get tired; we grow weary; we have thoughts of… Read More 4 Ways: Fight Discouragement

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Peace Beyond a Biscuit

What thoughts deluge your mind in the quiet of night and stillness of morning? For years, my daily routine brought stress and anxiety. I’d stay up late, hoping exhaustion would override the to-do, didn’t-do, should’ve done lists waiting to flood my thoughts as my head hit the pillow. Upon waking, another rush. It wasn’t necessarily… Read More Peace Beyond a Biscuit