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When Days Don’t Feel Like Gifts

My keychain says each day is a gift from God. While I know that’s true, some days just don’t feel like a gift all tied up in ribbons and bows. You know what I mean? Those hard days. The ones when we ask… Why, God? When, God? How, God? The Father gives good gifts, and… Read More When Days Don’t Feel Like Gifts

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Confessions of a Faker-Baker

I’m a faker-baker. You too? I buy cake mixes in colorful packages, add oil, eggs, and poof, oven-ready batter. Cookies? Same thing. I’m usually buying what the dough-boy is selling. I used to feel inadequate for my lack of skills in the from-scratch department. It felt like a cheater, like that woman in the commercial… Read More Confessions of a Faker-Baker